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Louisiana ahead of the game on EPA emissions regulations

Louisiana’s natural gas industry is saving them from the same headache facing many states regarding Obama’s carbon emissions plan released on June 2. While much of the country worries about coal plant closures, coal only provides about 13% of Louisiana’s energy, according to an article written by Jennifer Larino for the New Orleans Times-Picayune. Instead of converting to natural gas, since this has largely already been done, companies like Entergy, which provides energy to Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas, will likely look to promote solar and wind energy development.

Skrmetta said the U.S. risks losing hundreds of thousands of jobs and economic loss in exchange for a marginal reduction in the air pollution. In a report released last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce claimed the rule could result in 224,000 jobs lost and $50 billion in annual costs.

Other concerns include strain put on local supplies of natural gas due to rising national demand. However, environmental groups in Louisiana have welcomed the guidelines, and Louisiana is definitely more prepared to make this transition than other portions of the country.

Check out Larino’s full article: EPA carbon rule draws mixed reaction from Louisiana business, policy leaders

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