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Watford City tornado: how to help

By Lydia Gilbertson | Google+

On Monday night, a large tornado touched down 5 miles west of Watford City. Red Cross member Kira Neauman stated today that sixteen families were affected by the storm and while the demographics of the victims are still unknown, the Red Cross shelter had 7 adults and 1 child occupy it last evening.

As with any natural disaster, citizens from the community as well as from other areas are reaching out to try to help the victims rebuild their lives after this sudden tragic event. The best route to take in terms of supporting the Red Cross and the families affected is to donate money or time through the Red Cross website (www.redcross.org/northdakota).

Donations of clothes and food are appreciated, but not encouraged.

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“Volunteers here are to help with shelter, with feeding.” Stated Nauman, “it takes a lot of man power to sort through all those donations, even though it is all well-meaning and we really appreciate it. But at the same time we could help people with what they really need with that time”.

The Red Cross is there to help any citizens of Watford City that were or are currently affected by last night’s tornado. They use the donations to buy the items that people need in order to rebuild their lives, purchasing them within the community affected to support its economy.

Visit www.redcross.org for the disaster relief donation page, if you enter a North Dakota zipcode it will relay the funds to North Dakota related-disasters, as there is no specific fund for the Watford City tornado at this time. You can also call 1-800-RED-CROSS, or text Red Cross to 90999 to donate.

(Reporting by Sarah Montgomery, Shale Plays Media)

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