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Oil, gas pipelines source of Charlson spill

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — A North Dakota Department of Health official said Saturday a spill of about 10 barrels of a petroleum product in northwestern McKenzie County came from abandoned oil collection and natural gas pipelines.

North Dakota Water Quality Director Karl Rockeman said the natural gas pipeline was owned by Hess Corp. He said state officials were still working to determine who is responsible for the oil pipeline.

“And we’ll be working to try and identify that, but it’s possible we won’t be able to identify the owner of that line,” Rockeman said Friday.

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The spill hasn’t been completely cleaned up, Rockeman said. He told the Associated Press on Friday that crews from Tesoro Corp. and Hess Corp. are working in the area, a few miles from Charlson.

The spill, which was reported Thursday, reached Sand Creek, a tributary to Lake Sakakawea. Rockeman said there wasn’t much concern about affecting Sakakawea, because booms and absorbents are in place to keep the fluid away from the lake, which is about 13 miles downstream.

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