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Members of North Segment Community Development Corporation in New Town broke ground Monday morning for the first of several planned housing, retail and commercial developments.

New Town Starts Upscale Development With Oil Money

Mike Kopp, Shale Plays Media

While work crews watched from the sidelines Monday morning, businessmen, contractors, developers and tribal leaders turned the first dirt of a long-term development of New Town.

Members of the North Segment Community Development Corporation broke ground on the Wooden Bowl Estates, a 20-unit apartment complex in New town. Developer Tony Krejci with Bakken Housing and Investments said he and the partners in the Corporation started work nearly two years ago to meet the immediate housing needs. He said “Our whole goal is to make it (housing) affordable,” Krejci said.

The 1,000 oil wells on the Mandan Hidatsta, Arikara Nation land provide opportunity to do more than just retire years of debt the tribes carried. Much of the oil money the MHA nation receives is distributed to the political subdivisions or segments. The North Segment started building housing for enrolled members in New Town and is developing plans for more retail and commercial developments. North Segment Tribal Council Representative Ken Hall said the bypass the North Dakota Department of Transportation is building to wrap around the east and north sides of New Town will open up the possibilities for not only more housing, but other opportunities.

Krejci said he and companies such as Signal Realtors and Successful Resource Management are working with the City of New Town, the tribal government and the North Segment community to bring in more retail business and also upscale restaurants and hotels. Many of the restaurants that are considering New Town’s new retail areas are major high-end restaurants usually found in larger cities. Krejci said that’s down the road. First is to address the priority need of housing “We’re going to keep going, “Krejci said. “Our first priority is to begin by relieving some of the overcrowding and substandard housing some people live in here in the North Segment.”

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