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Williams County puts signs on hold for 3 months

WILLISTON, N.D. — The Williams County Commission has implemented a three-month moratorium on new signs in and around the western North Dakota oil patch hub of Williston.

Sign permit requests are piling up, and officials don’t want county roads filling up with signs and creating “the Las Vegas effect,” County Planning Director Ray Pacheco said.

“The last thing we want to see is billboards all over the place,” he said.

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Current regulations are unclear about the sizes, shapes, quantities, heights and lighting considerations to which sign builders must adhere. Pacheco expects the county Planning Commission to review sign regulations by mid-June and to have a plan before the County Commission by July.

“We won’t approve any signs in between that time period,” he said.

The regulations will target billboards and pole signs and will include rules on aesthetics.

“We just decided it’s a good time to hold out on them for now,” Pacheco said.

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