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Representatives travel over 5,000 miles from Moldova to visit ND

Delegates from Moldova will spend a week learning about North Dakota’s energy sources this month.

The delegates will meet with the North Dakota Department of Commerce and Public Service Commission to learn about policy making, as well as tour the Blue Flint Ethanol Plant, Wilton Wind Farm and the North Dakota State University Extension Service’s sugar beet biomass research facilities Saturday to Sept. 15.

Emily McKay, director of the Great Plains Energy Corridor, said Moldova is seeking alternative sources of energy, like wind and biomass. At this time the country is dependent on energy from Russia, Transnistria and Ukraine.

“I think the goal is to see what works here in North Dakota,” McKay said. “North Dakota obviously has an energy powerhouse reputation and we have lots of different resources.”

McKay said North Dakota and Moldova are along the same line of latitude and have similar climates. She said they also both have agricultural economies. She said what Maldova doesn’t have is the coal and oil resources available in North Dakota and that is why they are most interested in alternative energy.

The delegates will include members of the National Agency for Energy Regulation, and a consultant for the Agency for Energy Efficiency.

The delegates will stay with local families in order to experience American culture. They also will visit the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, Papa’s Pumpkin Patch. and present to Bismarck State College students about their own country.

For more information contact McKay at 701-224-2410 or Emily.mckay@bismarckstate.edu.

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