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Harassment: An additional North Dakota safety concern for truck drivers

A Fergus Falls family is drawing together after a husband and father survived a close call in the oil patch.

Roger Braun has been away from his family for years, driving an oil tanker out of Watford City, North Dakota. But, recently, drivers like Roger, have been dealing with more dangers on the road. His family sat down with Valley News Team’s Hope Hanselman to share how, next time, he might not be so lucky.

“It does concern me quite a bit, you just never know when something like that might happen again,” Laura Braun said. Laura knows the road is dangerous where her husband, Roger, works. But, she never would have expected why.

“I didn’t really believe it at first. Then, she showed me the pictures and I’m like… Whoa,” Shawn, her son, said. He was stunned when he saw pictures of a shattered window on his dad’s semi trailer truck.

Late Saturday night, Roger sent Laura the pictures. He says a plastic soda pop bottle was hurled at his windshield from a passing car.

“When it went through the windshield there was, of course, a lot of pop and glass that had hit him in the face. He couldn’t see anything when the semi slowed down. He was in the oncoming lane,” Laura said. With oncoming traffic just a quarter of a mile away, and a bridge up the road, Laura knows her husband was spared.

“That’s a semi. An oil tanker semi… Potentially explosive,” she said.

But, when the Brauns filed a police report they found Roger wasn’t the first. Officers say they’re investigating two more similar incidents. “My husband feels that it was intentional, for what reason we have no idea. But, to have thrown it into the incoming traffic seems very negligent, if not purposefully done.” Now, she’s asking for answers and anyone with information to contact police, saying this is one danger that can be prevented.

“I’m afraid, but he’s back at work. He’s still doing his thing and toughing it out. He’s just going to be as more aware as he possibly can, if he can, for something like this. “The accident happened on Highway 200 near Watford City, North Dakota. Some drivers say whoever is throwing these objects may be doing it out of retaliation for the noise and damage those tankers can do by kicking up rocks.

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